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Basket of Harvested Vegetables

The Pharmed Mini- Farm/Ranch

Our mini-farm/-ranch lives in Northeastern Oklahoma, in planting Zone 7a. As I said in the About section, I’m a lifelong gardener and an environmentalist since I can remember. Personally, I love gardening because it’s like designing outdoors and with a living, evolving canvas. Watching sprouts come up, grow leaves, and…

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Homemade CBD Oil in jar, CBD Flowers, and dropper bottle for taking the oil

CBD Oil DIY: How to Make Your Own CBD Oil (& 7 Reasons to DIY)

GET FREE DIY GUIDE Make your own CBD Oil at home! You already know WHY you should be taking CBD Oil, from my Science Post. If you haven’t already, go check that out now. Whether you have a chronic inflammatory condition, need help with post-workout recovery, or simply want a…

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Shows Dr. Becky helping a client with a product at a dispensary

Get It!

Information, “Medical Marijuana” Programs, & Advocacy After deciding to join the Cannabis industry, I enrolled at The Cannabis Coaching Institute to “learn to coach people.” I learned a whole lot in the Cannabis and Health Coach Certification training there, and I did choose to become a Coach through that experience.…

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