About Dr Becky

Me (Dr. Becky) in 2020 😊

Hi! I’m Becky, the creator of Pharmed Wellness.  I’m a tree hugger, a gardener, and now a Cannabis Educator & Coach.  I’m also a Pharmacist, a wife & mom, and a recovering addict.  I love creating and inspiring, growing things and learning, and generally being a nerd.   It’s a gift. ;-). I also love Cannabis.  We’ll get to that.

Rx for Recovery

First, I chose Pharmacy purely for the intellectual stimulation.  I was in a pretty selfish phase until 24.  Then, shortly before starting pharmacy school, I got sober in a 12-step program.  Recovery became my entire lifestyle. I immersed myself in meetings, sponsorship, step work, and fellowship.  I gained a whole new life (and met my awesome husband).   

Pain & Depression

And life happened a little bit too.  I injured my back at some point during grad school and tried every non-addictive treatment out there to keep my sobriety and treat the (especially nerve) pain, gaining no real relief.  Then, I got licensed (woohoo, I’m a “doctor” on paper 🙂 ), got married, and had our first daughter, all within about a year.  I endured terrible mental health struggles during pregnancy, and they did not improve after delivery.  

I also had worsened nerve pain after my c-section and my lower back and nerve pain became unbearable.  At the time, my options for treating it included opiate pain management and/or surgery.  So, that’s what I did.  Eventually, I had two surgeries (first fusion failed), two separate “rounds” of pain management, a miscarriage in between, and the many mental health challenges that any one of those presents.  I struggled to escape the cycle of pain and depression.  I was about 40 pounds overweight, rarely exercised, and didn’t practice much self-care.

Becky Before Cannabis

I felt completely isolated, alone in my head (worrying, taking everything personally, feeling defensive constantly, etc.), and yet disconnected from myself, a spiritual life, and all the relationships I wanted to be having.  

I felt stuck because I had pain, but the medicine that was available to me was making my life worse, not better.  

It’s like the saying in recovery circles, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”  So, I made tons of changes.  First, I got off those meds.  This took months of pain, repeated withdrawal symptoms, and a continued fight for my sanity. 

Time For Change

Over the following five years, we had another baby, moved out to the country, I changed jobs, and even changed career paths!  Eating more whole foods, walking every day, and delving into self-development work once more, were a few of the changes I made.  I started cooking, growing food, and I re-connected with my love for the environment and all things Nature.  

Enter Cannabis

At the same time, I was re-educated (or educated in the first place, more accurately) about Cannabis.  I learned that there is much more to this plant than I was ever taught (See some of the science here).


The biggest deal for me was learning that Cannabis isn’t a drug.  For me, that’s what I needed.  I felt safe using Cannabis when I couldn’t risk taking “those drugs,” that trigger addiction and mental health struggles.

This wonderful plant opened a whole new option for me and people like me.  I can treat pain I still have (and so many other things) AND maintain my recovery program, my spiritual connection, relationships, and even happiness.

Dr. Becky’s Intro Video
Me in Summer 2020

Cannabis doesn’t cause depression; it treats it.  It helps me to relax and stress less, so I can be present and I enjoy even better relationships with my husband and girls! 

So, NOW it’s about service.  And what I can do for you.