CBD Oil DIY: How to Make Your Own CBD Oil (& 7 Reasons to DIY)


Make your own CBD Oil at home! You already know WHY you should be taking CBD Oil, from my Science Post. If you haven’t already, go check that out now. Whether you have a chronic inflammatory condition, need help with post-workout recovery, or simply want a little “boost” in handling stress, CBD can play a big role in helping you feel your best.

Save Money!

Make your own medicine with the LITERAL press of a button by going HERE & purchasing your very own Ardent FX device like I use! The Ardent FX preserves not only 97% of those cannabinoids you want in your medicine, but also the medicine-boosting power of TERPENES!

Now, let me tell you why and how to do it yourself (DIY), so you can start taking your own homemade CBD Oil today!

Homemade CBD Oil With Some CBD Flower

Why Make Your Own CBD Oil?

  • SAVE MONEY! For $30 and some fun in the kitchen, you have quality CBD oil for nearly half the retail price! For the proof, see my Math Post HERE!!
  • You made it, so you know it’s CBD. Because CBD is not regulated by the government, nobody has to prove that what they are selling you has any CBD (or even oil) in it!
  • When you use CBD flower, like we’re going to do, you get whole plant medicine (just like nature made it) and the benefits of what we call the entourage effect. This effect describes how CBD works together with the other compounds found in the Cannabis plant in order to have a greater overall effect on you.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) is cool, fun, and empowering! I make my own medicine and so can you! For me, this might be #1. 🙂
  • It’s readily available and legal in most of the U.S. (federally, it’s legal, but some states are behind the curve on allowing it, sadly) and many other countries
  • I give you a simple method that only requires basic kitchen tools.
  • Versatile and Customizable -You can use it however YOU want – Make an oil  you can cook with, take under your tongue, AND put on your body.  Customize that medicine! (For example, CBD suppositories can be made with two ingredients and used to help alleviate menstrual cramps, local inflammation, and even lower back pain!)

Are you ready to dive in?! Click HERE to get to your FREE GUIDE & make all of this 👇 !

Homemade CBD oil in many forms, including topical, capsule, and suppository
CBD In Many Forms: Body Butter, Sublingual Oil, Capsules, and Suppositories


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