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After deciding to join the Cannabis industry, I enrolled at The Cannabis Coaching Institute to “learn to coach people.” I learned a whole lot in the Cannabis and Health Coach Certification training there, and I did choose to become a Coach through that experience. But, I also gained a passion for advocacy, and for sharing the Truth about the history and science behind this plant.

Coaching At A Dispensary

Cannabis Coaching (Yes, It’s A Thing!) 💚💪

If YOU feel called to help others with this plant like I get to now, follow this link to check out this life-changing program:

I may receive a commission if you enroll, so thank you in advance for joining this incredible career path & doing this work!!

Education to Advocacy

Learning the way the plant works in our bodies gave me a deeper appreciation for the therapeutic benefits that are possible, but also planted a seed in me of NEEDING to share this information.

I felt like I had missed out, even after four years of graduate school in Pharmacy, I hadn’t been taught about a major controlling system in our biology. 🤔 Now, I want to tell every doctor, pharmacist, physical therapist, counselor, nurse, everyone!

“This plant was made to work in our bodies and our bodies are made for this plant!” If you want to know more about how Cannabis works in us, see my nerdy Science Post or come to a workshop! 😊

Now, everyone go out and GET A CARD! Haha… But seriously, I believe everyone should have access to this amazing plant medicine. And, if you live in a medical state (see map here if you don’t know your location’s status), use this super simple, convenient website to get your “medical marijuana” card, and do it completely from your device!


Go to 👈 this link and it will walk you through the process of seeing a doctor (right on your device from home!), filling out your state’s application, and getting your medical card!

After you get your card, go to my Services to see which Pharmed program is right for you!

The Work

Even after you have your card and Cannabis therapy figured out, there are many places where it’s still not legal or accessible and more work to do! Contacting your representatives, getting active in advocacy groups, and representing the Cannabis plant is still much needed work! Even wearing my t-shirt in public counts as advocacy to me! 😀

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