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In this post, I’m showing you how to calculate the strength of the CBD Oil infusion you made with my free guide AND showing you how to DIY to save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars!

I’ll also illustrate your savings with the Ardent FX device, which converts 97% of your medicine into the activated form, whether you’re using CBD-rich, CBG-rich, or THC-rich Cannabis! Keep reading for a coupon code and the proof you should be using Ardent’s amazing and compact kitchen device!!

First, take a look at the below graphic to familiarize yourself with the numbers I’ll be using in the following graphic, where there is a sample calculation for potency.

Number Glossary

You’ll get the weight of your CBD flower by using a scale that measures to the tenth of a gram. That’s 0.1 g of plant material you’re able to measure.

The conversion factor is a set value (to go from grams to milligrams, you always multiply by 1000), but the potency value you will also supply for the calculation. It will either be provided for you where you purchased your CBD flower, or, if it is homegrown, start with a 10% CBD content, so you’ll use 0.10 for the third value.

Finally, choose how much oil you’re infusing the CBD flower into, and use that number in milliliters (mLs). One cup is equal to 240 milliliters, so 1/4 cup is 60 milliliters, and so on.

I suggest you do this calculation before making your infusion. (I know, I’m kinda bossy, but I assure you, it’s for your benefit! 😆) You not only need to know that you can make the right strength of infusion, but you want to ensure you have everything you will need before you start cooking!

After looking at the first graphic, you know where I came up with the numbers I’m using for the sample calculation on the second graphic.

The sample calculation below is for one 30-mL bottle of CBD oil made from one “eighth,” or 3.5 grams, of CBD flower with an average potency (which I’m calling 20%).

Take Note 📝

  1. The weight of the CBD flower should be on the package you purchased or you can use a simple scale. You will need a tenth-gram scale, nothing more precise than that.
  2. To change the weight from grams to milligrams, you multiply by 1,000.
  3. The average potency of CBD flower is 20%. This means 20% of its weight is made up of the actual CBD medicine that we want infused into our oil.
  4. The oven activates about 70% of our CBDA into CBD. Remember the Ardent FX I mentioned in my CBD Oil Tutorial? That machine bumps this number up to 97%!! Use code PHARMED for $30 off!

Sample Calculation

5. How much oil did YOU make? If you purchased a half ounce or an ounce of CBD flower, you could make a much larger amount than with the 3.5 grams I used in the sample calculation. You still plug in the same values for determining the strength of the final infusion, you would just have bigger numbers to use (The 1000 doesn’t change, though.).

This sample math was ASSUMING 100% EFFICIENCY OF YOUR OVEN, which doesn’t exist. Ovens are so inefficient, actually, that they lose up to 30% of your medicine during the decarboxylation process. See tutorial for more on decarboxylation.

So, you bought essentially 700 mg of CBD in your eighth (3.5 grams) of flower. If you make your oil using the oven for decarboxylation, you will only end up with only 490 mg of that 700!

Using the Ardent FX, however, you’ll preserve terpenes and other beneficial compounds, AND get 679 of the 700 mg of CBD !! I don’t know about you, but I want to get what I pay for. The way to do that when making your own medicine, is with this device. You can activate your plant material, use a different setting and INFUSE right in the device as well! It is the single most used item in my kitchen and I make a lot of medicine. With the FX, I know I’m making potent oils, creams, and edibles to help myself and my friends and family members all feel better!

Using The Ardent FX Saves Money & Medicine

If you calculate the strength of your infusion, taking into account the oven inefficiency, your yield drops to only 490 mg. In that same 30-mL bottle of oil, your strength has dropped from 23 mg/mL to only 16mg/mL. That is definitely a big enough difference that you might not be getting the dose you need.

Additionally, if you’re like me and you use more than one Cannabinoid in your general health routine, the savings will multiply with this device. I personally use six different formulations and have experimented with all kinds of ratios to find what works for me. You can imagine how much time, various types of Cannabis flower, and money the Ardent FX has saved me! Get yours now with a $30 savings, using code PHARMED!!

See?! It wasn’t that bad!

Please leave a comment if this was helpful for you. 🙂

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